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“We don’t believe in rushing your clients. We want them to savor our culture and hospitality every step of the way”

— Vivianne Schael, President-Founder.

For over 25 years we have prepared exciting packages to Spain’s main cities, attractions and  unique places off the beaten path. 

Our Spanish team and guides brings extensive expertise and knowledge of this wonderful country, which your customers have come to value and appreciate. Not only will we introduce them to the local culture and history, but they will also enjoy the world renowned Spanish gastronomy. 

Your clients are always in charge!

Everyone has their own personal tastes and interests. Our goal is to provide clients with the choices they need to make their trip to Spain uniquely their own. Our tour company was designed with the independent traveler in mind offering options to make their upcoming trip special. We will provide you with a personalized and well thought out itinerary that fits their schedule, preferences and interests.   

Our professional team will share with your clients the knowledge and love of their country. 

Be safe and we look forward to working with you in 2021!

Vivianne Schael brings extensive background and experience of the airline and tourism industry that spans over 25 years. She has invested her travel experience in promoting and educating Travel Agents on Spain and Portugal. As a result, she is recognized as an expert on Spain where she grew up and Portugal, where she spent many summers and visits every year.

She has introduced new airline routes, opened new markets to Spain and organized the First LGBTQ International Tourism Conference in Spain for IGLTA.

She has collaborated with the US Tourist Offices of Spain in preparing advertising campaigns, presentations, seminars and trade shows on Spain.

And has worked with various Regional Tourism Offices in Spain introducing them to the US Travel Industry like: Cataluña, Galicia, Valencia and The Basque Country to name a few. She also worked with the Spanish Embassy in Washington D.C., and the Presidential Office in Madrid, organizing and preparing the arrangements for the G20 Spanish 2009 Presidential Delegation in the US.

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