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Pilgrimages that can change your life…

Follow in the footsteps of two of Spain’s greatest Saints, Saint Ignacio de Loyola and Saint Teresa de Jesus de Avila, whose spiritual journeys have inspired many over the centuries and who left an important religious legacy for the Catholic Church. 

Travel along the path they took as they received their profound spiritual awakenings and visit the same sacred spots where they prayed and experienced their religious visions and revelations.  

Celebrate Mass in these special places and sanctuaries while at the same time you travel along a Spain off the beaten path

Your pilgrimage can also take you to some of Spain’s important Monasteries and Sanctuaries visited by thousands of Pilgrims each year, like the Sanctuaries in Covadonga, Montserrat, and Saint Ignacio de Loyola or the Yuste and Poblet Monasteries.  Easter and its Processions are also very important in Spain, as well as the celebrations that honor the Virgin of El Pilar in the Zaragoza Cathedral and The Virgin of Santa Maria La Mayor in the Church of Siguenza.

From Spain you can travel to Fatima’s Sanctuary which became well known after May 13, 1917when three local shepherd children: Lucia Dos Santos and her cousins Francisco and Jacinta Marto witnessed the apparition of our Lady of the Rosary. Fatima has become a very important religious destination.  Over 4 millions Pilgrims visit both the Sanctuary and the nearby Hamlet of Aljustrel, where they little shepherds lived and saw their first apparition.

Pilgrimages that can change your life lead by our Spanish and Portuguese experts.

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