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The Route of Paradores

We invite you to journey the road less traveled to Spain’s historic medieval cities, towns and natural settings. Stay in castles, palaces, manors and former convents. Witness how the noble landlords and Spanish Nobility once lived.

Your route will take through one of the most remote regions of Spain. Extremadura the land of the Spanish Conquistadores; Pizarro, Hernan Cortes and Vasco Núñez de Balboa. Stay in the beautiful Parador of Plasencia a former 15th century Convent. Or the magnificent Parador of Oropesa a former Castle, which once belonged to the Count of Alvarez.

You will also find great Paradores throughout Northern Spain. Stay in a luxurious former Convent at the magnificent Parador de San Marcos in Leon, or the elegant Parador de Los Reyes Catolicos in the heart of Santiago de Compostela. Both date back to the 15th century.

Or travel through southern Spain following path of these Paradores and spend the night at the beautiful Parador of Granada. It’s ideally situated and within walking distance to the Alhambra Palace and Gardens. You can also follow the Road of Liquid Gold (Olive Oil) and stay in Jaen’s Parador, once a Moorish Fortress or the medieval Parador of Ubeda a former 16thcentury renaissance town. These are just a few of the many historic Paradores you will find in every region of Spain.

Since the Paradores were first introduced in 1928, they have gained the reputation of offering excellent gastronomy featuring regional products, traditional cuisine and wines.  They are also known for having some of the best Chefs in Spain.

Spain’s landscape is filled with these unique and beautiful Paradores, where you can enjoy present day comforts, elegance, amenities and excellent gastronomy while surrounded by history and tradition.

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