About Valencia

We welcome 2021 in the hopes that we all stay safe and look forward to traveling in the near future.

This month we feature the city of Valencia once a very important Roman and Moorish Port. 

No other city in Spain has gone through such massive expansion and re-construction as Valencia!  Although not always visited by the American traveler, it has long been a favorite of Spaniards, savvy European travelers and sun-worshippers from all the over the Continent. 


Valencia, Spain’s third largest city is considered one of its most cultured destinations. This is evident when you visit its beautiful Historic Quarter, home to Valencia’s Cathedral built in the 13th century or the 15th century La Lonja Silk Exchange Market a Unesco Heritage Site to name a few. 

Then there is the City of Arts and Sciences, featuring a series of amazing futuristic buildings designed by local master architect Santiago de Calatrava.  It’s no surprise that the City of Arts and Sciences, was chosen as one of the locations during the filming of HBO’s TV series Westworld.

And when it comes to gastronomy, Valencia can hold its own with any region of Spain. 

It was in Valencia, that the famed Spanish dish Paella Valenciana originated. Valencia also offers over 67 varieties of rice dishes. 

Valencia’s year-long, near-perfect climate, magnificent beaches along the Costa Blanca, famous southern hospitality, superb gastronomy and cultural and artistic tradition, that dates back several millennia makes it the ideal vacation getaway during your visit to Spain.

Let us introduce you to historic and unique Valencia!

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