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Spain cuisine is not one cuisine.
It’s many cuisines

In fact you could say that each of Spain’s 17 autonomous regions have their own outstanding gastronomic specialties. 

For years the international gastronomy aficionado seeking new palate experiences, has discovered that Spain offers a unique variety of gastronomy which appeals to the most demanding and sophisticated food connoisseur. 

Our customized gastronomy tours are designed to not only be a feast for your palate, but for your eyes and hearts as well.  

Madrid is home to the largest and excellent Tapas district in Spain.  The capital also offers unique historic and innovative restaurants featuring great chefs and wines from all of Spain. 

You can enjoy excellent Cava (Champagne) and cuisine in Barcelona, which has also attracted innovative chefs preparing traditional dishes with an exciting and delicious new twist. 

There are more Michelin star restaurants in the Basque Country per capita than anywhere in the world, 29 and still counting.  Since the 70’s when they introduced traditional Basque dishes combined with French gastronomy, creating a whole new world class cuisine. Their popular Pintxos, gourmet Tapas of the north are exquisite.

The wines of La Rioja are among the finest in Spain. But don’t let its reputation of wines and their Tempranillo grape detract from the fact that it’s also home to a superb cuisine. Gourmands may come for the wine, but they also stay for the excellent food.

Galicia’s beautiful rugged coast offers some of the world’s best fishing waters. Over 200 varieties of fish and 54 kinds of shellfish.  Their popular Albariño white wines or the lush red Mencìas from the magnificent Ribeira Sacra Wine Valley are well known by top chefs.

The region of Valencia is also known for its variety of seafood and rice. It’s the home of the great Paella a la Valenciana and more than 67 other savory Spanish rice dishes. Nearby the Utiel-Requena Wine Valley produces excellent white wines.

Andalucía also offers a delightful variety of dishes like Salmorejo a creamier version of the popular Gazpacho. The Region is the world capital of the authentic Jerez (Sherry). Here you can also follow the Route of Olive Oil and visit its historic olive pressers. This region grows over 260 varieties of olives and is considered the world’s largest exporter of Olive Oil.

And there is much more….

Our Dine Your Way through Spain gastronomy programs will introduce you to Spain’s great regional cuisines as you explore the culture and history of the region that gave birth to it. 

We look forward to working with you in 2021! 
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