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Our Marketing Team

Vivianne Schael, President/Owner, brings extensive experience in the tourist and airline industries. She has performed duties as Vice President, Director of Marketing/Sales and Advertising for various airlines such as the former VIASA, Iberia Airlines, East West and Australian Airlines (later brought by Qantas), Silverair, and Air Plus Comet, as well as establishing co-share agreements with United, Continental, Air New Zealand and Qantas plus other international carriers. She also assisted Iberia in opening their Los Angeles Headquarters during the Barcelona Olympics. She also designed in-house tour and public relations divisions for some of these carriers.

She has been a member of ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents) and STOA (Spanish Tour Operators of America). She has worked with members of Tzell Travel, AAA Luxury Division, Valerie Wilson Travel, American Express, Frosch and Executours to name a few, as well as establishing working relationships and contracts with Travelocity and Orbitz.

For the past 25 years she has invested her industry experience and knowledge in promoting and educating the travel industry on Spain, as well as introducing new markets to this destination. As a result, she is recognized as an expert in Spain, where she grew up. 

She also worked with the Spanish Embassy in Washington D.C. and the Director of Protocol to the former President of the Spanish Government, organizing the land arrangements for the G20 Spanish Presidential Delegation visit in 2009.

She has collaborated with the Tourist Offices of Spain in preparing presentations, seminars, trade shows, events and special meetings, as well as introducing new programs and markets to Spain.  Vivianne has also worked with Tourism Barcelona, Tourism Galicia, Tourism Valencia in conjunction with TurEspaña and the Basque Country Tourism. 

She assisted with the brotherhood between the International Gay Film Festival in Barcelona and the Los Angeles Outfest Film Festival (the largest in the US) and organized an event promoting Spain where more than 5,000 members from the LGBTQ community attended.

She also organized the first LGBQT Tourism Convention for 375 LGBTQ Travel Agents in Barcelona and IGLTA organization in 2004. She was the first coordinator and representative of IGLTA in Spain and maintains a close working relationship with members of the LGBTQ travel industry.

Jack Raymond, Vice President/Owner brings over three decades of experience in marketing and advertising as a copy writer and later as Creative Director of several of America’s most prestigious advertising agencies including Leo Burnett, Foot Cone and Belding, Gray Advertising, Campbell and Ewald, BBD & O and Tracey Locke. 

In addition, he has designed campaigns for some of America’s largest companies including Ford, General Motors, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, Toyota and Nissan. His marketing and advertising knowledge has been recognized in the advertising industry where he has won several major Creative Awards, including a CLIO, the highest Award. Some of his campaigns have been taught in universities like USC, as great examples of marketing and advertising.

He has also designed successful campaigns for Princess Cruises, Sitmar Cruises and Air France, as well as the Tahiti and Fiji Tourism Governments. He has collaborated with the Los Angeles Tourist and Convention Center and The City of Industry.  During the last decade he has worked on advertising campaigns for various Spanish Cities and Regions, as well as promoting the introduction of new programs and markets to Spain.

Silvio Del Monaco, Art Director has over 20 years of hands-on experience in art, web design and development, graphic design, as well as digital and print magazine production. He has been very successful in maintaining and staying up-to-date with the ever constant changes of web technology and publishing, as well as online marketing. 

He is an expert on social media and various tools, in addition to new channels of communication presently used to reach both consumers and the travel industry.

Our Team is also comprised of American and European experts in the travel industry as well as promotions, meetings and events, who are sensitive and understand the needs of both cultures.

How we work with Spain’s Tourism Market

Let us introduce you to the American Market

Our business is to work with Spanish organizations, cities, regions or businesses who want to introduce their products or services to the lucrative American Market and Travel Industry.

Our extensive knowledge of Spain as a destination, plus our marketing, advertising, promotional and meetings event planning background, has helped us provide our clients with the appropriate services and collaboration.

We have worked with the Tourist Offices of Spain, the Tourism Government Offices of Barcelona, the Region of Galicia, the City of Valencia in conjunction with TurEspaña, the Basque Country, the Spanish Embassy and the G20 Spanish Presidential Delegation.

How we can help you grow!

  • Find your target market.
  • Promote your organization, region, city or business to both travel industry and consumers.
  • Educate the American Travel Industry as to the benefits of your organization.
  • Brand your organization in the US.
  • Organize training seminars for both travel industry and consumers.

Organize seminars, events, meetings and conferences.

  • Select the perfect and appropriate site for every event.
  • Site and event preparation, including technical equipment, catering, entertainment and décor.
  • Organize cultural events, in a variety of venues like museums or wineries.
  • Provide recreational activities for your delegates and their companions.
  • Arrange ground transportation and security.
  • And most important, working with your budget.

How we work with our clients:

  • We believe in working closely with our clients, as your right hand and part of your organization.
  • We try to stretch our client’s investment by negotiating the best rates with our suppliers and various media.
  • We participate with our clients in events and conferences, when needed.
  • We make our office in southern Los Angeles available to our clients when visiting the US.
  • We can add a dedicated telephone line to answer questions, during a special visit or

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