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Sevilla at a Glance

Sevilla is as different from Madrid as it is from Barcelona. All this is very understandable when you consider that this magical city, nestled along the banks of the Guadalquivir River, is the capital of Andalucia. And this region is like no other place. It’s an enchanted kingdom full of fun, romance, culture and all sorts of gastronomic delights. 

Don’t be surprised when you fall victim to her beguiling charms. But then Sevilla has had that effect on visitors since it was the homeland of the Moors and the Jews during their Gold Age. Back in the days of King Al-Mutamid, it drew artists and philosophers from all over the world. And many of their marvelous creations are still there for you to see. Even the re-conquest couldn’t diminish Sevilla’s glitter.

It remained Iberia’s largest city, the gateway through which all the riches of the new world poured into Spain. Sevillanos easy-going Andalucian attitude toward life is legendary. Indeed, their capacity for fun and Fiestas seems boundless. Sevilla is a prosperous hub of commercial and industrial activity, the center of a rich agricultural region, and one of the most rapidly developing cities in Spain. 

The city’s location is also ideal to visit nearby Cordoba, Cadiz, Jerez de La Frontera and Carmona. 

Sevilla’s historic quarter is home to its magnificent Cathedral, a UNESCO Site and the third largest in Christendom. This Cathedral is a great example of Gothic architecture. Full of rich history it houses the final resting place of Christopher Columbus and attached is La Giralda a former 7th century Moorish watchtower offering magnificent views of Sevilla, should you choose to climb it. Nearby is El Patio de Los Naranjos an impressive courtyard featuring over 400 orange trees, some of them dating back several hundred years. 

Nearby is the impressive El Alcázar Royal Palace built by King Peter I the Cruel, during the 14th century in a Moorish style and finished during King Charles V reign in the 17th century. It offers the visitor magnificent Moorish intricate interiors and large gardens, surrounded by the city’s original fortress walls. It’s still used for Spain’s Royal visits and special events. 

 Sevilla’s Barrio de Santa Cruz, also known as the former Moorish and Jewish Quarter is a favorite of visitors. Here you will find a labyrinth of narrow streets full of quaint hotels, bars and restaurants.  Sevilla’s Museum of Flamenco is also located in this part of Sevilla, where you can learnthe many intricate styles that make up Flamenco. You can also take classes or attend their nightly authentic Tablao Flamenco performance delivered by professional local and rising dancers.

The Gardens of Maria Luisa and magnificent Plaza de España built in the 1920’s for the International World Fair, feature a selection of unique buildings decorated with tiles and ceramics. Plaza de España was used during the filming of Lawrence of Arabia and Star Wars. The city’s former Tobacco Factory inspired the Opera Carmen and Sevilla’s historic Plaza de Toros Bullfight also add to the city’s tradition. 

And there is so much more to see and experience.
Let us introduce you to our Sevilla.

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