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There’s a Spain designed for tourists. And then there’s the real Spain. A Spain known to Spaniards. A Spain off the beaten path. And yet to be discovered by the sophisticated and adventurous traveler. 

Spain has been a favorite destination since the late 60’s. You can almost say its 17 regions are different countries in their own right. Each offers its own culture, dialect, history and rich gastronomy. It’s not surprising that visitors keep returning to see more of this fascinating and complex country again and again. 

Not only will you visit Spain’s most popular cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Sevilla, but we will also introduce you to other towns and cities unknown to many visitors. 

We will introduce you to the lush green regions of northern Spain stretching from the border with France to the shores of the Atlantic Coast, with cities like San Sebastian, Bilbao, Santander, Oviedo and Santiago de Compostela, where all of El Camino Pilgrimages end. Different dialects and traditions.

In Southern Spain you will not only visit Sevilla, Cordoba and Granada full of Unesco Heritages sites and historic white towns like Ronda, and other less visited places like Jaen, Ubeda or Baeza.

You will also go back in time when you visit Caceres, Trujillo, Plasencia or Roman Merida in the medieval region of Extremadura, the land that gave birth to Spanish Conquistadores, Pizarro and Hernan Cortes.

Just a few of Spain’s great regions.

Lets us introduce you to the rich tapestry and diversity that is Spain! 

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